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How to Care for Oil-Rubbed Bronze Faucets



1 Clean the oil rubbed bronze faucet with a soft, lint-free cloth and cold water. Remove any dirt or residue from the faucet, and dry it immediately with a clean towel.

2 Keep your oil rubbed bronze faucet dry, as these types of faucets are prone to water spots. If possible, wipe down the faucet with a clean towel after every use.

3 Repair a scratched faucet with furniture wax. Apply a thin layer of furniture wax, such as Old English Scratch Cover, to any scratches that appear on your faucet. Allow the wax to penetrate the scratches for approximately 10 minutes, then gently wipe away the excess wax. When choosing furniture wax, ensure that the color of the wax matches your faucet. It should generally be a dark-colored wax.

4 Protect your faucet from hard water stains by waxing it with a high-quality, clear paste wax, such as Johnson's Wood Floor Care Paste Wax. Make sure that the faucet is clean, then apply a generous amount of wax all over the entire fixture. Let the wax air dry before buffing the faucet with a soft, lint-free cloth. Repeat this process once a month for the best results.

Tips & Warnings

Avoid using abrasive cleansers and harsh chemicals on your oil-rubbed bronze faucet, as they may cause scratches and irreparable damage.

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