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How to Install New Bathtub Faucets


1. Close the incoming water valve to shut off your water. Access this by the panel behind the tub wall.

2. Take off the cap on the handles of the old bath tub faucet with a small knife. Unscrew the two set screws securing the faucet to the stem with an Allen wrench. Pull off the handle and remove the bonnet cap or retaining washers around the cartridge. If there is a retainer clip, pry this out with pliers.

3.Pull out the faucet cartridge valve by hand. Remove the inner washers (called seat washers) inside the fixture head by inserting the Allen wrench in the two holes and prying them out. Some faucets have cartridges that include the seat washers, so they will slide out with the cartridge and do not need to be removed by hand.

4.Replace the seat gaskets with new gaskets. Or, if your seat gaskets were part of the cartridge assembly, skip this step and install a new cartridge into the faucet head.

5.Replace the bonnet cap and tighten it by hand to secure the faucet cartridge. Or replace the retaining cap (in faucets that use a retaining cap to hold the cartridge in place).

6.Slide the handle back over the faucet stem. Insert the set screw and tighten it with the Allen wrench to secure the handle.


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