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How to install a floor drain


Shower drains allow water to flow to a certain point in the pipe where the sediments fall out and the rest of the water runs down the pipe. The shower drain pan also serves many purposes including trapping sediments before they clog the pipe as well as trapping excess water. If your shower does not already have a drain or yours needs to be replaced, you can install your own to help it operate more efficiently. You do not need a professional to install your shower drain if you follow a few simple steps.


     1.  Locate the access point for the shower's drain system. For a first-floor bathroom, the access point is likely in a basement or an outside door. For a second-floor bathroom, access the backside of the shower to get to the drain.
     2.  Remove a section of pipe under the shower drain with your pipe wrench. There should be a foot of straight pipe coming out of the drain.
     3.  Insert the shower drain onto the foot long section of pipe coming from the drain. Screw it in place and be sure the vent tube is unobstructed.

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    How do I install the drain to PVC?

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