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 What’s drop shipping?
    According to Wikipedia, drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to wholesalers, who then ship the goods directly to the customer. The retailers make their profit on the difference between the wholesale and retail price.
    In a nutshell, you market and sell a product online at a price you choose. After your customer purchases the item, and you receive payment for it, you place an order for the product you just sold with a "drop-shipper." The drop shipper charges you a wholesale price and ships the product directly to your customer. You pocket the difference between the wholesale (or near wholesale) and retail prices. The best part is that you have no inventory to hold or finance, and no shipping hassles.

Drop shipping for resellers
    As a plumbing products wholesaler , can also relieve retailers of their inventory stocking and shipping hassles with our drop shipping services. All of our customers can choose to drop ship plumbing producets from China to worldwide countries with no additional service
Here are the steps:
1.       Register on our site.
2        Get orders from your customer;
3.       Buy the same items in our store
4.       Login to member center, place orders and fill the full address of your customers, review and confirm your orders;
5.       We'll send package directly to your customers according to the information you provide us. 
Please note:
1.    As a drop-shipper, it is your responsibility to know about taxes and import duties and inform your customers in advance.  has no responsibility for providing tax information relevant to your country. However, we will do whatever we can to help you minimize the tax burden if you have special packaging/declaration instructions.
2.     In order to make successful drop shipping, we require you to provide the exact address of your customers. And we will also verify the shipping address before processing the order.
3.     We will never send shipping parcels with coupons or invoices to your customers, so as to protect your benefit as a drop shipper. If your customer has any questions or wants to repair, return or replace the products they purchased, they must contact you first.
4.      All the sender name must be someone from Post office or
EMS in order to pass Custom smoothly. So we can't write your own name, please be considerate.


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  • Elisabet ( 2021-07-04 08:14:22 )

    Здравствуйте! У меня есть свой интернет магазин, хотела бы работать с вами по системе дропшипинг!

  • Sunshinebegood ( 2020-07-14 08:56:05 )

    you have not accepted payment from my paypal account for my last order on July 3rd. What is the problem??

  • марат ( 2020-04-30 09:44:17 )

    Здравствуйте,я хотел бы начать сотрудничество с вами по всему ассортименту

  • Anonymous user ( 2020-03-02 11:16:59 )

    I believe I am registered with you but as yet you have not sent me the information I need to begin doing business with your company. Again I need a list of shower curtains as well as bathroom rugs or mats, toilet seat covers etc. I would prefer the information in CVS form including product name, product description, SKU number, MSRP, Wholesale cost, weight for shipping, image URL, and UPC code. I would also like to know your warehouse location, for shipping and taxation purposes Thanks, Debra C. Olson

  • Anonymous user ( 2020-02-24 16:02:18 )

    Hi, I am licensed retailer looking to finalize some market research by expanding my product line. I am interested in doing so with your products. would you mind if I take a look at your price list catalog and then get back to you?

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