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How To Choose The Bathroom Faucets

Choosing bathroom faucets doesn't have to be difficult, though it's true that Bathroom Faucets come in a wide variety of compositions including chrome, brass, stainless steel and copper and your choice depends on your budget and aesthetic preference.
Your current bathroom fixtures will help in your decision making as you will want to ensure that any new fixtures that you purchase suit the décor of your bathroom. Antique brass faucets, for instance will probably look out of place in a modern contemporary style bathroom.
The extensive range of styles in bathroom faucets available means that you can purchase beautifully crafted faucets from antique-style to the most modern up-to-date designs. There are bathroom faucets that perform an array of functions such as those containing sensors that control the water pressure or temperature which is a great safety feature.
You can purchase faucets that include single or dual control. Single-handle faucets are center-based and control both the hot and cold water by the one lever through the one spout. Dual-control faucets use a single base unit where the spout and valves are combined on a single unit with dual handles. Another type known as a widespread faucet, is where the hot water valve, the cold water valve and the spout are all mounted separately.

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