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Brushed Nickel Faucets

When you renovate your house, you take a lot of care to see that your decor, furnishings, and the wall paint complement each other. Faucets also form a part of the decor. Faucets are needed in your kitchen, bathrooms and garden. As home decorating is not done frequently, why not splurge on brushed nickel faucets in place of brass or stainless steel faucets.

Brushed nickel faucets are electroplated; nickel is applied over brass. These faucets shine less due to the coating. This shine does not highlight the fingerprint marks and water marks on the faucet. During the 1930s, nickel went out of fashion since the coating came off. PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition technology now takes care of this problem. Due to this technology, brushed nickel faucets don't tarnish easily. This technology makes the faucets costlier than the other types. However, brushed nickel faucets are of very good quality eliminating the need for faucet repair.

Brushed nickel faucets are made by many manufacturers today because they have become quite popular and more people desire to install them. This has given the manufacturers a chance to make various models in different price ranges, though they may be expensive than the standard stainless steel and brass faucets. If you are looking for cheap brushed nickel faucets, you should try to buy them on the Internet. Many online shopping sites offer attractive discounts on them.

Brushed Nickel Faucets

A better part of your day is spent in your kitchen. When you renovate it, you want every part of it to be beautiful and classy. Interior designers recommend installation of brushed nickel kitchen faucets during kitchen remodeling. These faucets complement both, traditional and modern kitchen themes. Before the kitchen faucet installation, you should consider certain aspects of your kitchen sink. The right type of faucet for kitchen sinks depend upon the size of your sink, the number of holes available for fitting the faucet and also the types of utensils that you wash in the sink. Brushed nickel kitchen faucets come in various shapes and have several types of spouts. They can come with single lever or double lever. Brushed nickel kitchen faucets also come with water sprayers and soap dispensers. You can choose your brushed nickel kitchen faucet from any of the available varieties as per your use and liking.

You cannot neglect the bathroom during renovation. Your faucets need to match your bathroom designs. Using brushed nickel bathroom faucets will definitely add to the glamor of your bathroom. These faucets go with any color schemes giving your bathroom an awesome new look. You can choose from an array of brushed nickel bathtub faucets for your bathtubs. For shower enclosures too, you can set up brushed nickel shower faucets.



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