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Choosing A Kitchen Faucet

These days, kitchen faucets do not only serve as a basic, functional piece in the kitchen. With all the shapes, sizes, designs, and finishes available in the market, they now become a factor in setting the style of your kitchen.

Whether your kitchen has a classic country design or an ultra modern architecture, there is a faucet available to exactly fit the atmosphere you wish to create.

Here are some considerations that you need to think about when choosing a new kitchen faucet:

1. First and foremost, choose a faucet that matches your sink's faucet connection. Then, check how many mounting holes your kitchen sink or your counter top has. Make sure you choose a faucet that will be easy to operate when mounted into the sink. Choose one that is just the right size relative to your sink.

2. There are a wide variety of sink faucet materials in the market. Whether it is brass or polished, made of copper, stainless steel, or chrome, the kitchen faucet body must be durable, heavy-weight, maintenance-free, suitable to your kitchen theme, and should not corrode or discolor. Faucets made of brass are very resistant to adverse conditions, while chrome-plated ones are most affordable. It is important that you go for durability - your faucet should last a very long time without dripping. Thus, try to choose one that is of best quality and fits your budget just right.

3. The handle and the spout usually determine the style of kitchen faucets. Faucets can have single or two handles. Single handled faucets are quite convenient when it comes to control of water temperature and volume. Double-handled one, on the other hand, allows the precise flow and temperature adjustment as it has separate cold and hot controls. It can also be more stylish than the former. There are also three different spout styles to choose from. There are those that have pull down or pull-out sprays, those that have side sprays and those that don't. Imagine what you usually use kitchen faucets for and choose one based on your needs. There are also wall-mount faucets that require no deck holes, pot filler faucets that can be mounted near the stove, as well as bar or entertainment faucets that can be added to other areas in the kitchen.

4. The fourth factor that you should determine is the spout height and reach. Standard arch faucets are usually 3-5 inches high and are best for smaller to average-sized sinks and for everyday use. High arch faucets are usually 6-8 or even 10 inches high for washing pots and oversized kitchen wares. Also, you should make sure that your spout reach is compatible with the sink size and the number of bowls or dishes you anticipate to wash. Whatever the spout reach you choose is, make sure that it directs water directly into the center of the bowl. If your sink is the double-bowl type, choose one that can reach both areas.

5. Lastly, find out what other additional accessories you will need in your kitchen such as water filters, hot water dispensers, or soap dispensers. You would need one or more extra holes in your sink for these accessories. With all the types of faucets available, it can get very confusing and overwhelming to choose one that will fit your kitchen. You do not only choose based on aesthetics and budget, but more importantly, on your current and future needs

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