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What Is A Hand Shower


The hand shower is probably better known to most people as the handheld showerhead. Such a device differs from the traditional showerhead because it can be held in the hand and moved to various locations in the shower. This greater flexibility gives the hand shower many functions.
Some of the most common types of hand shower heads attach to either the showerhead pipe or to the bath faucet. Of these two, it’s generally a lot easier to install a hand showerhead on the shower water tap. The stationary showerhead can frequently be carefully unscrewed and the hand shower is then screwed on in place of it.
Once installed, the shower is made more functional by the fact that there is a hose that extends from shower faucet to showerhead, and there’s often a convenient resting spot to place the showerhead when it is not in use
Installing a hand shower by hooking it up to a bath tap tends to be more difficult. It may be necessary to access the plumbing behind the tub. Another installation technique is to install a valve underneath the tap, which can be used as a means for connecting the hand shower.
Even with the greater challenges of tub faucet to handheld installation, it may be still be well worthwhile. Baths lack the capabilities associated with showers, and having the wherewithal to rinse off soapy kids, wash a pet or other, is an attractive concept. The one thing people should be aware of when they install a hand shower in a tub is they are likely to need better protection from spraying water than a bathtub would ordinarily require. A variety of shower curtains are made for freestanding tubs and these are well worth investigating before the bathroom gets drenched
There are a few specialty types of hand shower that may be particularly good for certain tasks. Some have a trigger spray function, allowing people to control when they want to produce water. Those who do a lot of dog washing mostly use these, though they might be used for other things. Sometimes the hand shower comes with dual heads, which many couples find an attractive bonus. Hand showers may also have filters that remove either metal or chemicals from the water.
Those interested in hand showers will find many available. Hope improvement stores and bath fixtures stores can have a lot of selection. There are also plenty to find online that boast great variety in appearance and function.


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