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Widespread Faucet Installation


A widespread faucet installs in much the same way as a centerset or non-widespread faucet does. The only difference is the size of the escutcheon or baseplate, as it is commonly called. This is the plate under the faucet handles, and it attaches to the sink. The only other difference is the widespread faucet has to be installed on a sink with wide-set holes, typically eight inches apart. If your sink is designed for a regular centerset faucet, you must use that type of faucet instead.
1 Turn off the water to the sink by shutting both water valves inside the sink cabinet.
2 Disconnect the old faucet hoses from the water pipes under the sink by turning each counterclockwise and unscrew the lock nuts, which are connected to the old faucet base. These are located right under the sink countertop at the base of the old faucet. Pull the old faucet out of the sink counter to remove it.
3 Slide the new faucet into the sink, lining up the widespread handles with the sink mounting holes.
4 Tighten the lock nuts around the base of the faucet handles from underneath the sink's countertop using a wrench. This will secure the faucet in place during the installation, and afterwards during normal usage.
5 Connect the new faucet hoses to the water pipes. The hot water hose leading to the hot water handle goes on the pipe on the left, and cold on the right. Turn the connectors clockwise until fully tightened.
6 Attach the new faucet's spout to the base of the faucet if necessary, by sliding it onto the faucet body. This is not always necessary as some models come with the spout already attached. Slide the handles onto the stems of the cartridges on each side of the spout.
7 Screw on the aerator by threading it into the end of the faucet spout. Turn this clockwise to screw it in place. If the aerator is already in the spout, simply skip this step.

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