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How To Use PayPal Without A PayPal Account

Paypal is a very safe and reliable method to pay for goods and services on-line because it allows to hide your personal credit card information from the vendors you purchase from. As an example, We will never see your credit card number. PayPal abstracts the payment process and simply notifies us when it has completed and deposits the money in our account.


You do not have to open a PayPal account to use the service. The following instructions will show you how to pay with a credit card or debit card using PayPal without using a PayPal account.


Step 1 - Proceed to checkout and select option to pay with PayPal. Once redirected to the PayPal website select the option "Don't have a paypal account",ignore the "Log In to PAYPAL" box.



Step 2 - Complete the form with your payment information and click "Review and continue"


Step 3 - Review the information such as shipping address. Once you are ready click "Pay Now".

That's it!  PayPal will contact us once the payment has cleared.  This typically takes just a few seconds.




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