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How Shower Curtains Change Your Bathroom's Look


Shower curtains can easily change the entire look of your entire bathroom. Depending on the look you’re after, you’re sure to be able to find a pattern or design of shower curtain for your decorating needs. There are multiple choices of style to choose from which include basic and simple all the way to the most elegant to match your bathroom-remodeling plan. With a plethora of materials and colors to choose from you’ll certainly have no problem finding a match to you bathrooms furniture.

Here’s how to select shower curtains.
You’re choices are massive with prints available from both modern all the way back to the more traditional styles that people often choose. First you’ll choose your fabric, and then you’ll go on to select the style of rod and hooks that will completely establish the entire look of the bathroom.
Usually waterproof surfaces are used when creating shower curtains. Most popular is probably nylon, but you can also get vinyl or even PVC coated materials. Of course waterproof is essential in the shower, so these types of definitely the best to choose from. If you do happen to find a curtain that you really like, and it isn’t waterproof then you can always buy a vinyl liner that will protect from the water. This gives you both a great look and water protection.
Some people have trouble finding the perfect shower curtain so they will make their own to suit their needs. This is simple if you can sew even a little bit. Just hop on overt to your local fabric store and you’ll find a wide array of materials. Don’t forget about the liner, so you don’t have to go crazy finding waterproof material.
Your biggest problem in the bathroom is going to be mold. This is because mold loves an environment that is both damp and warm, so your shower is the perfect match. This mold can be harmful and can bring on both allergies and even asthma symptoms. As well as mold you’ll want to be careful of harmful bacteria that can thrive on your curtain. Your best bet for preventing illness is to simply keep the curtain clean.
You can find cleaning solutions that are meant to kill the mold in the shower. You usually cannot wash the materials that make up shower curtains in the washer machine, so you’ll likely have to do this by hand. If this is the case with your shower curtain then just use a bit of bleach and hot water to kill mold and bacteria. Actually, applying lemon juice helps as well. You just have to squeeze on the lemon juice and set the curtain with the lemon juice in the sun, which together will help kill the bacteria.
Now just try your best to prevent the mold and bacteria from coming back. One way to achieve this is by ensuring that your bathroom is ventilated well, either opening a window or using a vent when you take a shower. Also, if you’ve just washed your curtain, soaking it in a bath of salt water before drying it will help prevent any future mold buildup.

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