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How to Refinish a Bathroom Faucet


Giving your bathroom an updated, modern look is not as time consuming or as costly as you think. It is as simple as refinishing your bathroom faucets. Refinishing your faucets can take them from lackluster to shiny and new. Following these steps on how to refinish a bathroom faucet can help you restore an old fixture in a matter of hours.
First: Turn off the water
Remember to shut off the water via the water valves. Turn on the hot and cold water faucets to depressurize them.
Second: Remove the water supply tubes
Using a wrench, disconnect the supply tubes. Look under the faucet and remove the nuts. If the nuts are hard to remove, apply some type of lubricant. Once the nuts are removed, take a putty knife and remove any old glue or putty that remains.
Third: Remove the faucets
Remove the faucets and pat them dry. In a ventilated area, put the faucets on newspaper and sand them with sandpaper. Take a slightly wet cloth and wipe them down. Let them dry.
Fourth: Paint the faucets
Apply an even coat of metal primer to the faucets. Once that has dried, spray them with metal paint. Add a second coat once the first is sufficiently dry. Spray a lacquer topcoat that is designed for metal objects. Once that is dry, go over the faucets one last time with topcoat layer.
Fifth: Replace the fixtures
Use Teflon tape around the faucet’s connections to create a strong seal. If a stronger seal is necessary, add plumber’s putty. Reconnect the water and check that the faucets are leak free.


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