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Bathroom Design Tips - Shower Curtains

When a person decides to take on bathroom remodeling as a DIY project they have taken on a lot. Many people think that the remodel will just include changing out the bath tub, vanity, and bathroom fixtures. But there is more to it than that. Sometimes the simplest bathroom accessories, like the shower curtains, make or break a bathroom remodel.
The perfect bathroom design always starts with two things. The color and the focal point. Many people have no problem with the wall color until they try to find bathroom accessories that will match it. The majority of people however miss the focal point until they stand in a completed bathroom and wonder what is missing.
Most bathrooms are not large enough to accommodate a large focal point. There is normally enough wall space in a bathroom for a small picture but not much else. Bath rugs could be a focal point, but when the main feature of a bathroom is something that a person has to look down to see that is not always good.
Bath towels have been used as focal points in the past. Many people remember the towel sets that they were not allowed to touch as children. They usually had some unique feature that was unlike any other bath towels. But honestly, how many people walk into a bathroom and think, "Those bath towels make this bathroom!"
When a person thinks about the most prominent feature they see when they walk into a bathroom it is normally the shower curtains. But many people will completely remodel their bathroom and keep the same shower curtains or purchase something that does not make it a focal point.
If one looks at their shower curtains as a blank canvass that will be the main piece of art that visitors see, then doing something spectacular with them will make complete sense. A shower curtain can be fancy or plain, it can be fabric or synthetic. Whatever it is, the shower curtain will either complete a bathroom remodeling project or leave a gap.
When selecting perfect shower curtains as a focal point one wants to incorporate the colors that are in the bathroom. But the main focus on the curtain, just as with any piece of art, should be something that reflects the personality and spirit of the individual who owns that room.
Getting the advice of a professional that knows about shower curtains, bathroom accessories, etc., that will enhance the look of a bathroom and give it the quality that one wants can be very helpful when remodeling a bathroom.

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