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What Is an LED Shower Head?


An LED shower head is a shower head type that lights up in various colors when in use. Depending on the shower head, the lights might serve a specific purpose or they might not. Usually, installation of an LED shower head is easy because it is designed to replace the existing shower head. The buyer simply needs to purchase a shower head of the correct dimensions for his existing shower pipe or hose. This unique bathroom feature is available at many home improvement stores and from numerous online shops that specialize in items for carrying out a bathroom upgrade.
The most common purpose an LED shower head serves is to turn blue when the water is cold and red when the water is warm. This is a convenient feature for some people because it gives them a touch-free idea of the water’s temperature. On the other hand, some LED shower heads change colors for no more reason than visual appeal. Shoppers can find LED shower heads that emit as few as one or two to as many as seven or more colors. LED shower heads that feature more than one color might show these colors separately or at the same time.
Installing LED shower heads is similar to replacing most all other kinds of standard shower heads. The most important thing to remember is the LED shower head must have the correct size dimensions to fit on the existing shower pipe or shower hose. Most LED shower heads do not require any tools for installation. Also, they do not require batteries to work. The lights of an LED shower head are powered by a turbine, and for this reason this shower head type is considered an environmentally friendly shower upgrade.
Many home improvement stores sell LED shower heads. A shopper might also be able to find an LED shower head at a regular department store that also sells merchandise for completing a bathroom remodel. If the shopper is not familiar with purchasing replacement shower heads to fit existing hoses or pipes, shopping at a local store with a store associate’s assistance might be the best way to start. Shopping online increases the number of choices, as many Internet-based stores sell LED shower heads. Once the shopper understands the size dimensions of the shower head, he can browse both local and online shops with confidence.

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