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Clean Your Bathroom!


The bathroom is the most important part of the house. As it has been quoted that you judge any ones home's beauty by the cleanliness maintained by them of their bathroom. Therefore, if you don't keep your bathroom clean then start keeping it clean and let it smell fresh. Cleaning the bathroom is the most dreaded task as you have to remove all the bath accessories, soap cases and other things that you have arranged beautifully to let your bathroom shine. Scrubbing bath tubs, toilets and tiles is not exactly a fun-filled pastime. Nonetheless it has to be done, irrespective of the pain involved in it. However, it might not take much time if it is done correctly.
Here are some few steps that you need to follow to keep your bathroom clean and tidy-

1. First, go to the market and collect the necessary things you would require while cleaning the bathroom. Things like mop, floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, toilet brushe, gloves, glass cleaner, disinfectant wipes, wash cloths, scrubbers and broom. All these things will be required by you to help in cleaning your bathroom.

2. Make some space in your bathroom. Take out all those things which are not fixed in the water room like bath tub, toilet seat, towel handles and other fixtures. Take off all mats, towels, shower curtains, toothbrushes, toiletries, cosmetics, medicines, etc. Doing this will help you to clean all the areas effectively.

3. Throw all the used towels, untidy curtains, mats etc. in the washing machine. Clean them to make them look new, fresh and clean. You should do it to make sure your cleaning process is complemented by clean and tidy bath accessories.

4. Now start with cleaning the bathtub or shower area. Use any good product available in the market. Use stiff-bristle brush or scrubber to clean the bathtub. Always make sure that you remove hair lodged in the drains and if possible use a drain cleaner if it is choked up.

5. Use a tile cleaner and clean the tiles surrounding the bath area. You must dry the tiles properly and use the cleanser which is especially made to clean the tiles.. If you don't it would result in spoiling the look, color, texture and feel of the tiles. Also, the overall look to your bath accessories.

6. Clean the counter tops and mirror with a glass cleaner. Make sure you wipe it dry with a rag. Use disinfectant wipes to wipe the surface and counter tops and sinks.

7. Now clean the toilet. Get the toilet cleaner, pour into the mouth of the toilet and keep it there for some time. Meanwhile, spray anti-bacterial in the water tank and wipe it clean. Antibacterial will help kill the bacteria in the tank and will leave it hygienic. After some time, take a toilet brush and brush the area where you have poured the liquid. Clean all the edges and toilet lids to ascertain clean toilet seat.

8. Pour soap water on the floor, wipe it properly and soak the excess water on the floor with the mop. 


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